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The concept of Derwent Walker was an idea of ours which we discussed during meals out, having a busy working lifestyle and not a lot of time for ourselves, we would use eating out as a way of escaping work and re-connecting with each other.


Frequent over-ordering just for the ability to try different things was something we were accustomed to. At home we would have dinner parties with family and friends having them sampling our favourite dishes, which were small, inviting, and indulgent, enjoying cocktails and listening to chilled acoustic covers by our favourite artists.


We soon came to realise that this wasn’t just what myself and my husband wanted, but what others wanted too. People love to relax with wine and cocktails, eating and sharing dishes with those they are closest to, celebrating in the most beautiful part of the world. Who is to say we couldn’t make this happen in our hometown? 


Life is too short not to take leaps and accomplish dreams.

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